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HK-Bird-Nest α


Imperial Bird's Nest (ܢ)

Manufacturer: HONG KONG - Imperial Bird's Nestδܢ

Sugar Free Imperial Bird's Nest

ʴܢỵ̂ ̵

Standard: 150ml / 1 bottle / 1 box

Bird's Nest - Introduction

Price: U.S.$ 87.99 / 1 box

CATALOG NO:BN10012101-2
Price: U.S.$ 164.99 / 2 boxes

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CATALOG NO:BN10012101-5
U.S.$ 395.99 / 5 boxes

CATALOG NO:BN10012101-8
U.S.$ 615.99 / 8 boxes

Hong Kong famous branded prepared Birds Nest. Come in a few variations including Birds Nest with Rock Sugar, with reduced sugar, or sugar free selection.


The bird's nest is of very smooth mouth-feel. Special formula preserves the water-soluble proteins (M.S.F) and epidermal growth factor (EGF). The water-soluble proteins in Birds Nest promote cell generation, keep you young, strengthen body and nourish skin.


1 tablespoonful (~10g)every morning. Enough for 10-14 days consumption. No artificial colorings, preservatives, stabilizer, artificial fragrance and genetically modified materials added. Recommended to be finished within 10 days after opening.


For best results, take it for at least one month continuously.


Keep cool and stay out of direct sunlight. Fridge after opening.


Ingredients: Royal Bird's Nest (from Indonesia), Water.



















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